7 changes that will happen with the human body in the next century

Human evolution is never stopping. Our bodies are in constant change and we are adapting constantly to our environment. Researchers and futurologists believe that the human body as we know may look very different in the next century. For example, in the last centuries, humans became more solid and taller and our life expectancy almost doubled.

  1. We will have more flexible bodies

As we continue to evolve, our bodies will produce more cartilage to reduce accidents or fall impacts. Experts believe that in the future rigid bones will no longer be so necessary for us so we will get more flexibility.

2. We will be taller

We will continue to get taller and taller. In the middle of the XIX century, a man had an average height of 1.67 meters but in late ’70 medium height already reached 1.77 meters.

‘The most important factors that influence the increase of height from one generation to another is the nutrition quality, health condition and an increased quality of life’ said William Leonard, anthropology teacher at Northwest Illinois University.

3. Our lung capacity will change

In the future, because of climate changes and air pollution, we may need to absorb more oxygen. Researchers believe that this will come as a natural evolution or by genetic modifications.

4. Our fingers will be more flexible

Our fingers will probably become more flexible and more precise in their actions. These changes could happen because we are using more and more keyboards and touchscreens, activities that 100 years ago didn’t exist.

5. We will see and hear better

New technologies could cure deafness and blindness. If we take a look at the evolution of hearing aids, we could see that we made some really high progress. Also, a team from Germany works on some artificial eyes that help blind people to see light.

Even if we are just at the beginning, technology will definitely improve over time, and deafness and blindness will be just some historical diseases.

6. We will suffer from more allergies

While living conditions are getting better thanks to technology, our exposure to viruses is getting lower. Probably, our bodies will have to fight some infections that were harmless to us in the past.

Also, is very possible that in a future society we will not need anymore an immune system given the advanced technology.

7. We will look younger

Aging technology and plastic surgeons are at high speed so it will be really easy to reduce the aging effects on our bodies.

In the future probably elders will choose to look 20 years younger than they are.

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